A question about damage pads

Do damage pads increase buffs like gonzo bonzos attack buff when gonzo bonzo is on it?

the stim pads count apart of gonzo, edgar allen or scritch buff, you can see it in some challenges, but is not posible buff double or triple whit phobies buff, the max buff posible is stim pad, a phobie buffer and certain habilities like grimes when kill a phobie or sasquatch using invisiblility.

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Just another question, does opening a pack you have never opened before guarantee a new phobie. I’ve never opened a frightening pack (the 2000 years one but I think you know that so I don’t know why I’m mentioning it) and I’m wondering wether I’ll get something out of it

they are supposed to have that guarantee but as the packs are based on a lot of probability they can leave from UR to dupes

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Sorry to bother but what is UR and Dupes?

UR = Ultra Rare, With dupes they refer to clonic or duppy cards, it is annoying to see that you wait for the seasonal envelope and only get dupes of a useless phobie.

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