Countering Cassowary

1° Put a dimensional in front.

2° Put a high damage phobie in the back.

3° End, Lmao.

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Another way is to surrender. kekw

Simple and practical @Yaki

Cassowary isn’t that hard to counter. It has low hp, you could just hit it and kill it. But get a position that it can’t kill you before you kill it.

Practically, people have difficulty with him, because they usually don’t know how to position themselves well. @SaTaNiStIc

They will learn it by playing, after a few matches.

Also, your match took place in opticon. How do I play in opticon? Does it require a higher league?

Opticon? Can you explain what this is? I play in arena @SaTaNiStIc

It’s the map you played in. I know the map names well.

You need level 15 stress @SaTaNiStIc

OK. Thanks. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa