Nerf-Buff Phobies (Which Ones and What to Change)

Buff Charon, his ability revolves around him moving around , so give him 3 movement! He also needs some stat buffs alongside that, or instead 4 keys.

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Could you please nerf the ability of clinco , his healing ability is over power if it is able to recharge each 2 rounds.think about it , all I done to get a creature hp down is now gone by clinco ability and now leaves all my creature open for attack.I think it would be better if we only had clinco be able to heal a person one time and then just be use to attack creature.

Terrordacty also has this problem with his passive ability , resurrection.trying to get near the creature is such a problem because of it’s range , attack power , and fight abluty.A smart enough opponent can use this to his advantage by using the creature range to protect many creature at ounce.this wouldn’t be an issue that much if it didn’t have the resurrection ability.sense the creature is protected you can’t step on it to kill it , if you do step on it any creature is you sent near it is going to die or near death , if you do nothing then your opponent will just kill all your creature one by one.

(This one is more of a nick-pick)
Muffin top ability , the healing is fair by having him die after healing someone.I just don’t like that it’s able to take away poison damage.its not an issue but it short of sucks it’s able to do that.Ether way , I’m fine if you don’t change this because it doesn’t break the game.

With all these three range phobies , it has become impossible to play slow moving doughzer. What’s the point of him being ultra rare if he is useless. The point is u cannot point out any map where he is good.

True. New 3 ranged phobies made it very hard for 1 movement ones ;(