[Official Thread] Share your Referral Codes

Hi, here is my code. Hope you enjoy the game. It’s now 0/5


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This is my code. Currently at 0/5

635b3cfa78b24081 use this code currently 0 referred

Hey, enter the referral code to get 100 free coffee:

Enjoy the game!

7d0f60076eafb210 use this code currently 0 refered!!!

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Hi everyone,

I’m creating this thread for all the players to drop their code in the comments:

Y’all can based on the date and get the latest code for the free 100 coffees!

This is my referral code:

Drop yours!

Come on, use it

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Hey hey hey! Llevo un mes jugando el juego y ya soy doomsday, conseguir café es de lo más lento qué hay, así que si te parece bien podrías usar este código en el Menú de opciones para conseguir 100 gratis:

No viene mal, la neta jajajajaja

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Hi! I’ve been playing for about a month now, currently sitting at doomsday and realized how slow is to gather coffee.
Using a code helped me a bit, so here you have it if you want it.
100 free coffee:

Not much, but is free.:ok_hand:t2:



Hello guys,

Welcome to redeem bonus by my referral code

My referral code is:

You’re welcome.


Im case anyone under level 10 hasnt got a referral code yet please feel free to use mine and get the extra 100 coffee :grin:
My referral code is:

Hello! help me get 5 referral please!

Tony>:) invites you to try Phobies! Phobies is an easy game to learn and incredibly fun to master!
Your referral code is:
After you’ve completed a quick tutorial, enter your code in the options menu to receive a scary reward.

My refferal code is 01f03b790d1891fc
Can’wait to meet now friends

Use code 81ac8dd69323f9f7 for 100 free coffee. You’ll also be supporting me, and we might even become frenemies!