Ranking phobies based on how well theyd give head

This is possibly the most cursed post ive seen to date

Why thank you very much

This is the first thing I see when I open this, I can’t. But I do have one thing to say.

What is the literal HEADLESS chicken going to do?

Its raw chicken, so Use its neck hole thing

Dear god :skull:
(Honestly, this is a weirdly interesting tier list)

Thanksgiving dinner is ruined, you heathen :skull:

Dont worry, its chicken, not turkey :skull:

Thank goodness :sob:

Sure, i know what youre thinking, but i imagine it would be weirdly pleasureable
(I got more coming in the future :smiling_imp:)

I didn’t know it could get worse :sob:

jaws, will, rusty, slayerrr, radihater, misanthrope, bad sushi, snappy, cerberus, heavo’s, alastor, flesh(light)crawler, lila suckee, and fowl are my top picks

Bro what :skull:
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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Weeeeeell…

Rusty, Slayerrr, and Misanthrope? Might as well do so with a paper shredder


This is what a scary pack with no new phobies does to a mf :skull:

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Yep, im in the mental hospital right now :grinning:

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Scritch, Beauty, and the shroom (I forgor name) belong higher. They can probs do some crazy stuff…

Idk man, still seems dangerous with the sharp hands on scritch, the umm stuff that allows beauty to make a line attack with its eyeball only and the mushrooms might be dangerous on lila

(I just watched grinch for like the 16823rd time and forgot what to write here because i was watching it)