What's the end goal?

I haven’t played long. So I was wondering what’s the end goal. Because I have an idea you all would love. Lmk

There isn’t actually an end goal. You just battle with others, go up in the leaderboards, unlock new stress levels… And it goes like that. But if you want you can set a goal for yourself. For example, being the first player in the leaderboards or reaching the highest stress level etc.

Goals ultimately are what the community chooses to set for themselves.
Everyone will have their own particular goals.

It could be collecting all the Phobies, leveling Phobies, hitting max levels, achieving top of the leaderboards.
It ultimately comes down to you deciding, as SaTaNiStIc mentioned!

I can see how u cam to that conclusion but seeing as though this game has a lot more potential then is set in front of me. So I say this try looking up a history on fear when I play this game I’m fill as tho I’m playing chess an checkers it’s there but just missing a few things. Like the stacks the queen.

End goal is…a fun game? So far so good

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