A little bit of suggestion that might make the game better

So here are the list of feedbacks:-

  1. HP should be on top of the Phobies and the heart.

  2. To differentiate our Phobies from the enemies Phobies there should be blue and red outlines respectively.

  3. There should be a 2× animation speed button.

  4. There should be undo for each Phobies so that you don’t have to undo everything.

  5. There shouldn’t be a need to click on keyhole to open the Phobies menu. It should be open all the time.

  6. There should be a local gamemode aswell where 2 people can plan in one device.

1,2,5 would be ok if they were toggled options. I wouldn’t use them because they’re ugly.

4 wouldn’t work, or would be an order of magnitude more difficult to implement, because if you’re undoing moves based on phobies instead of in order you can end up with conflicts. Imagine pushing a phobie, and then moving something onto it’s tile, then undoing the push.

Agreed on the toggle but I think undo specific phobie can be useful. I have found myself so many have to undo 2 or 3 phobies in order to reroute a phobie.