A prime example of overleveling ruining the game

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Shown here is the resulting map after my turn. My phobies are all level 8-9, with many being less and only one level 10 (Jar Cannon).

His heavo is level 15. Level… 15. It has 1 hp left. My heavo and gravedigger are level 9, and Scritch is 8. Had this game been anywhere near balanced, I would be winning, because heavo would be dead. But he’s only still alive because his heavo is SIX LEVELS higher than mine.

I think yall can see my point. I digress.

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I can definetely see your point, they should fix it so that when finding a player it gives one up to our levels,
Also, i saw you like my santa claws post there, id like you to give your opinion on it

Forgot to mention something. Their level 16 Jar Cannon, with 609 health, easily survives a 545 damage shot from my level 8 scritch.