Ad jack just spins until it goes "oops, something has gone wrong"

After the most recent update, 9/26/2023, everytime i watch an add for a free jack, it just spins until its pops up the warning, “oops, something has gone wrong” . When i exit, the ad is ready to watch again. I have watched a lot of ads for nothing. Not sure if it is just me .

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I get the same oops something went wrong but when I exit it it gives me the reward

[EDIT] - This is a known issue and our team is currently investigating it.

Could you guys let us know if it happens more than once?
Keeping track on this thread.


What device(s) are you guys using?
What are your in-game names?
Has this happened more than once since the most recent update?


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Same problem, please fix this asap!

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As of 23:25 EST, 9/26. It is doing it again on the next round of ads

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Perfect, thank you guys!
Our team is aware and looking into this.

If you guys could leave your names here, if you haven’t yet done so, that would be fantastic.