Barazo (fan phobie)

Barazo is a mechanical phobie, he is basically conductor for mechanicals with some minor tweaks.

His ability makes all friendly mechs immune to electric bonus damage for 2 turns and also gives them 200 bonus hp. It has a single turn lock and a 3 turn cooldown.

Bara3o Attake!


Bara3o Tap


Bara3o idle


This phobie was made as a part of my Sunday breaks with my brother. We have made many other phobies to show our love for the game. If you are interested in seeing them let me know.

We usually discuss the balancing of the phobie before arriving at at a conclusion.

I think Barazo allows for mono-mechanical to be somewhat viable (which may or may not be a good thing) he is a lot less viable on small maps though. Definetly optional, i only think people like me would use him often…


bro the animation goes so hard, sunday break well spent if I do say so myself this is amazing


Thank you fellow phobies enthusiast and fan artist tossersauce :^)

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Wow, thats a really nice work!

wow this looks cool, good work!

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It’s really well made, but Am I the only one who sees it as a Cup haed enemy?

It did come out bouncier than i expected so fair observation…

It’s still beautiful, and cup head seems to scare a lot of gamer due to its difficulty so…