Cant switch back to my main account

I switched to alternative account(SanLaMuert) on my phone and now i cant get back into my main account(LitlRascal) couse i dont have a recovery code and i dont know how to sand it to my email. What do i do?

you can send recovery code to email from switch account option

I am awere of that, but what do i do when my main account(LitlRascal) isnt logged in into any device, i cant access my account to send a recovery code becouse it isnt logged in into any device, i logged out of it on only one device it was logged into. Is it lost forever now?

you can still request recovery code send to your main account email reagardless of which account you logged into. Your main account is binded with your email right?

As Fever mentioned, if you bound an email to your account you should be able to receive a code!
If you are having some trouble, I can help you with account recovery over on Discord ( under #request-support )

We just ask a couple of questions to verify the account. :slight_smile:

Yes it is bound to my email. I just found out how to do it, you go to “switch accounts” press “switch accounts” then go “email code” and type in your recovery email, thank you!

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