Dimensional Death Damage Bug?

Eternal Knight level 7 has 519 Attack. When he was killed by opponents Jar Cannon it did 501 damage. I thought the death was supposed to do damage corresponding to it’s attack stat… Am I wrong or is this a bug?

Hey Cloud13.

With Eternal Knights Dimensional Damage ability, the damage is equal to the unit’s basic damage on their card.

If you upgrade your phobie after spawning it in a match, the stats for that phobie in-game are fixed. If you had done some upgrading while these matches were pending, that might be the case in this instance.

A couple of questions for our team:

  • Do you recall the stats of Eternal Knight during the match?
  • Was the card upgraded at all while the match as still going on?

In case it is a bug and it needs to be reported, could we gather the following information:

  • What is your phobies in-game name?
  • Which system/device are you playing on and what is the version/os?

My Eternal Knight was level 7 before the match began. I summoned it assuming it would kill the opponents Jar Cannon which had 509 hp. My in game name is Cloud13 and I am playing on my Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, version

Definitely quite peculiar.
I’ve submitted this info and seeing what that the design team will mention. I will update you on the status soon. :slight_smile:

An update on this particular issue. It is indeed a bug and our team is aware. We’re working on a fix for it at this time. : )

We do appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

Glad I noticed. :blush: Thank you for good response times, and I won the game regardless :sunglasses:

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You’re very welcome! Pardon the delay on this response – I wanted to convey my cheers on the victory. :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this bug is already logged by our QA, I’ll be closing this thread now.