Expired Games

I went on vacation for a week and came back to expired games in async I’d spent several hours on prior to that point. Partially on me and my planning. Need to be fair to the other players; it’s not just about me.

I got no rewards for these games whereas if I had surrendered or finished the game I would have received some. Consider making that change. Maybe give a “going on vacation” option to extend expiration a week once every 6 months. Or maybe remove the need to watch your expired games end. If you knew I was going away then one could suggest I surrender my existing games but that doesn’t seem viable.

Note that I turned off notifications on the game. There were too many of them so I just muted them all.

I may choose now to quit. For me, this was very demotivating. Before this point I played regularly and had spent $20ish so far. This disincentivized me to come back. Look at the data; is it just me or is this a bigger issue/trend in losing active users?

Take it or leave it; just sharing to try and help. Others should jump in with how they feel about expired games.