Game offer for free coffee beans expired

Played game for free coffee beans! When I earned reward game offer expired. Wtf? (Sorry for my eng)

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Hello @Tomkee unfortunately, offer wall is a separate client/server sided method of earing coffee beans. Which in turn means they are responsible for any inquires you might have. Please follow these guides below so you may be able to trouble shoot your issue.

I got first reward and game expired. I can’t find the game anymore! my goal was not to collect only the first prize which was 1 coffee bean.

As for the second game, I downloaded it through the phobias game and managed to collect the first prize. now that I’ve come in to check what you told me. It says to me as if I started the game from today. :frowning: will they not recognize my award now?

If it was an offer through the offerwall portal, we would recommend reaching out to the TapJoy/Offerwall Support Team.

Do you have any screenshots that we can use as a reference?

For the game that disappeared after I passed the first task, I have in solved applications. but there is no evidence that he has other tasks besides that. As for the game I already passed. I only have proof of the ekaran recording that was made 23 years ago when it says I started the mission.

Ekaran is *screenshot btw :slight_smile:

Have you tried to reach out to the offerwall / tapjoy support team through their portal to see if they are able to see anything over on their end?

Could you create a ticket over on our discord at under #request-support so we can collect some information from you?

I tried to report the problem just like you told me through the free coffe benas portal, but so far I haven’t received a single reply to my email. I’ll try to create a ticket on discord and I’ll get back to you, thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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