I want to get back my deleted account. I need help about that. LOST, DELETED

I accidently deleted my account about a year ago and now I want to get it back. Please help. Information:
My ING: Lucky_7
My email adress: laza7544@gmail.com
My platform: Android
I tried to recover it with recovery code but nothing happend(the meesage was not sent on my mail).

Hey there, Lucky_7.

Unfortunately, once an account deletion request has been submitted and confirmed for deletion, our team will not be able to recover the account.

I’ve tried searching for your account using both your in-game name and email address provided, but we were unable to find your account.

RIP :frowning: Sorry bro… that sucks.

Thank you in advance! I throught something like You can find it because You have a data base or something like that, but fine. I am a loser now. I lost the account of three years tryharding. Thank You for answering me @chu. I wish all of the phobies players the best and this means goodbye forever.