[In-Game Event] The Mechanical Dimension

Fire up your favorite astounding automatons, because it’s time to dunk on some Dimensional Phobies - it’s time to enter The Mechanical Dimension!

Mechanicals are set to dominate in this Event, where you’ll earn Event Points by spawning Mechanicals, destroying Dimensionals, and inflicting damage with Mechanicals. Are you a VIP Event Pass holder? Then you can also earn bonus points by winning matches.

Don’t forget - VIP Event Pass holders earn triple the milestone rewards and earn tickets, which translates to big prizes when the Event wraps up. The more tickets you earn, the better your prize!

So go ahead and rage with your machines… just be sure to complete your milestones before time runs out!

Start Date: Nov. 23rd, 3 pm PST
End Date: Dec. 6th, 9 am PST

Restart the Phobies app if you can’t see the event in-game.