Information on the referral system

Hello everyone, I’ve just started playing the game recently and been loving the arena already! Feel free to correct the information on the referral system below if it’s wrong.

If I’m reading it correctly, if you entered my referral code, you will get 100 coffee and as for me, I will get 2000 tears when you reach level 10, 100 coffee at level 20 and a Terrifying Pack when you reach level 30. You can have up to 5 people entering your referral codes and you can only enter referral codes before level 10. You cannot enter the code of someone you referred.

To find your code, you can click the cog above the arena button to enter the Options menu and scroll down to “Invite a friend”. To enter a code, click “Redeem a referral” below “Invite a friend”.

Stay safe and have fun!