Lost Coffee for seemingly free ProfilePic/Avatar:(

Android, Galaxy A12, Username PanicPug:
hello designers of the best game there is, i lost 300 precious coffee today, and i hope you can help me.

There were a few avatars offered, instead of a price of tears or euros or coffee there was written ‘free coffee’ - i tapped, the game froze, i restarted, i had plus 1 avatar and minus 300 coffee.
This makes me very sad.
Please take back the avatar, especially as it is one of the few i don’t think of as fancy, and even more especially as i am a real sucker for coffee. If i could get back those 300 coffee it’d be one happy day for me indeed.

The offer wall generally doesn’t work for me btw, i don’t know if this may be related to the issue or not.

Best wishes, love your game and can’t stop playing since a few months, incredible nice work by y’all

Hello! The same just happened to me. I was coming here to report the same bug. I’m happy to give the portrait back if I can get my coffee.


@Librarihim @PabicPug Could you both open a ticket over on our Discord at discord.gg/phobiesgame under #request-support so we can investigate this for you?

We’re sorry you experienced some trouble and would like to look into this.

Thx, i hope i opened the ticket correctly, never used discord

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We will continue handling this issue via discord. I’ll be closing this ticket now.