New phobies ideas #18: Steelion (with variants)


Unit race: Mechanical
Card type: Rare
Key cost: 5

Base stats:

  • Health: 1900
  • Ground movement: 3
  • Attack range: 1
  • Attack damage: 450

Active ability: Charge!
Increases the movement range of all adjacent friendly units by 1 tile, and damage by +300

  • Ability range: 1
  • Ability duration for the units: 1
  • Ability cooldown: 2

Which variant do you prefer?

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The red one, but I think it’s a little bit OP for a rare phobie

300 Aoe damage buff and movement buff for 5 keys is wild, edgar allen costs 7 keys and gets an area 100 damage buff

Hey hey hey, calm down with the buffs there, and a cooldown of 2? Nah edgar allen has a cooldown of 3 im pretty sure and only gives 100 dmg to everyone

The ability obviously being god tier broken aside (especially for only 5 keys lol, that could cost 8 or 9 and would prob still be nuts, Gonzo was 300 to 1 ally for 4 keys and was strong enough to be nerfed (and it’s still great even after the nerf)), the art for this is really cool would love to see that in game (could even do both and just have them be variants).

It probably would be OP even at 9

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