Official Wiki Development Update no. 1

[Originally written and posted by Moderator @Jimp on the Official Discord Server]

As of 16/5/22, we managed to complete all the pages for the Phobies that are currently in the game.
We updated the pages that had missing and/or inaccurate information.
You can access the pages through the database (the names have links on them) or through the wiki itself. The homepage is also complete, you can visit the web here: ttps://

We will be focusing on making pages for: maps, leagues, leaderboard system, and game guides (this will take a while).

For the design, we will constantly be improving and adjusting it, so what you’re seeing right now is not final. Always open to feedback and suggestions.

One thing that we will not be able to provide yet soon are the Phobie’s stats per level . This one will need plenty of time as it is time-consuming, We’re still looking into how stats are exactly calculated because as you all know, it’s nearly impossible to gather the stats per level of each Phobie by screenshots and other sources of info (especially Ultra Rares).

NOTE: The wiki is being developed by merely volunteers/players recruited by the official staff team.

That’s all for now, I hope you find the necessary information that you may possibly need for each unit. For mistakes and technical errors (wrong or missing info, spelling, etc.), feel free to contact the wiki team on the discord (the cool people with the “Wiki Contributor” Role) or by messaging me Directly here on the forums.

(P.S fyi you can also view phobie’s stats via the Vendy bot (developed by Impostor[Yasinan]) in the discord server with the command /phobie [phobieName]).

Thank you! ~ The Wiki Team.

Changelog can be found here: [ttps://]