Phobies design contest?

You guys think theres ever gonna be a phobies design contest? I and many others have ideas and maybe a contest can bring out the wranglers who know they’re stuff!

I think the criteria would be mostly on how the phobie is designed mechanically as that is the most important aspect, design can be changed during a pipeline. Although the devs may not be ready or have even thought about some outlandish mechanics some people may come up with so that might be a reason to not host one.


Yeah sounds cool now I can unleash my deadly art skills lol


Seems alotta people on this fourm draw maybe we could host our own contest!


Hell yeah I’d love to do that

Alotta planning to do :>

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Oh man, a lot of people on here draw? That’s awesome! I Guess I joined the right community, I love drawing too! I had some good art supplies before the house fire 4½ months ago, but I’m decent with pencil and paper

Cool, also sorry about your house fire. Maybe we can do it!

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Aw, don’t sweat it chum, I’ve toughed it through, I’ll be moving into my new house soon since the power is finally on, but yeah, I’d love to be able to draw ideas about video games again, I’m real excited!

Sounds good, but how are we gonna decide a winner? A poll? Some judges?? Idk or we could just draw and share ideas for fun :))

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A community poll sounds good, but it could be mainly for fun, I haven’t drawn in a while, and is be nice to do so again

This sounds swell…count me in!