Recovery cond

Please can you help my recovery code is not working but I think it may have changed because it won’t let me input all the characters. Also when I request it via email it crashes.

hello @MrBen, In order to assist you and since it’s something that has to be done privately we’d like you to either open a ticket in our Discord server or email to the following information:

  • Your Account’s in-game name (IGN)
  • Last time you logged in to the account (date)
  • Receipt of any purchase (If you made any purchase)
  • last phobie acquired
  • a frenemy’s IGN If you have any Frenemy added (if not type None)
  • how did you lose the account
  • any additional proof that you’re the account’s owner if you have any
  • The Linked Gmail ( In case you have it linked )

Once again, Please send it to us privately

Not to worry it’s resolved now.