Steam Notifications

I used to play Phobies on phone and Steam. I recently bought other games and I stopped playing it on Steam since I was annoyed by the notifications disturbing me when I was playing them. Now I only play it on phone. However; despite uninstalling, removing from account, manually deleting the program from the computer; I keep getting notifications and I am sick and tired of it.

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Pardon the delay!

Not sure if you have figured it out but you can try:

Click the little bell next to your steam name, click view all, click settings, it should be all the way at the bottom “Receive a Steam Turn Notification”

Boss Mentioned Previously:

Steam notifications work differently than iOS and Android. They will only open the steam notifications window that you show above they can not open the game. This is just how steam works. There are less notification features on steam that we can access. For instance on iOS and Android we can tell if we have sent a turn notification and will not send another one for "X" hours. This is not an option on steam so you will get turn notifications for each turn. When you see one it is easier to just open the game vs going to the notifications window and opening the game from there. On Steam we can only send turn notifications as well.