Tiny Tim ability negated bug

A bug to negate Tiny Tim’s ability to hide underground:

  • Launch an attack when he is burrowed in, which deals half damage and forces him to reveal himself.
  • reset so you regain the attack.
  • Carry on to attack, dealing full damage.

Hey there!

Are you able to share a clip of this with us so we can share with our team?
If so, could you post it in a ticket at #request-support over on our discord.gg/phobiesgame discord server?

I have a similar problem but other conclusions - I’ve noticed that whenever he gets attacked by some combined “arms” (like base damage + stim pad / electricity / fire / poison) he gets the bad end of the stick; base dmg + stim pad seems to do full damage and attacks with whichever element do base dmg with no burrowing taking -50% effect.

I’ll try to share a clip asap too.


Thank you so much!

We’ll keep an eye out for the clips. :slight_smile:

Thanks, posted as requested under ticket 0595

Some stills to show here

The reset doesn’t show in the replay, just shows full damage on the first hit