Too much purple goop, too little cards

I’m at the point where I sit with too much purple goop (not sure what we actually call it lol) and I don’t get enough cards to upgrade. This is more of a venting than asking for advice hehe. There was a time I was frustrated on not getting enough goop and only saved it for my regular phobies. Now I spend it on all my available cards and suddenly I have an overload. I wish there were more ways to get cards. 3 million goop and very few to spend on! So much potential to upgrade my stress levels!

3 MILLION?? Ok, I love this game, but, um… perhaps you should take a break?

Also it’s called xp

There should be a card pack that exchanges XP for more cards to level up phobia, that way you can give it a use


I wish you could trade xp, in my case i have too many cards

Haha or i should stop spending real money on the vip passes🤣

Or even trade for coffee. Either way would have worked for me.

I was there once. I think my solution/problem was the vip passes together with the daily double. That really boosted my xp!