2 new phobies I got yesterday (goon & quagmire)

I got the bog boy health tank & the hockey player Phobie on the same day. What’s your opinion on both of them?
I just got Misanthrope from the monthly pack. Hopefully my luck stays like this.

Goon and quagmire are both strong options, beamers in general are strong and goon is no exception, hes good in fast paced maps where he can survive for ages by just leeching off firing high damage lasers across the map.
Quagmires more of a generalist, working for capping points or getting in the enemy face then just retreating and passively healing whenever it takes too much pressure

Many players gave me serious trouble with both. Especially when they can attack you across the whole map.

i always loved quagmire, but since i dont have goon i dont really have a say in how good he is or not.

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