About the SUGGESTIONS category

General Suggestions is a section where anyone can make any suggestion they desire, or think should be added within our game.

Please keep in mind our community guidelines to not shame one another because the feedback is not good enough or you strongly disagree. Give them actual feedback on how they can improve or even try to help with their suggestion because it will lead to better feedback from people in the long run.

At the end of the day, don’t be mean towards people that might not be able to fully articulate what they want added to the game, help them improve their suggestion and threads.

For a good suggestion there are a few key things that you should keep in mind and do while making a thread for the best chance of it getting noticed and gaining a solid reputation.

Go into detail (it is important to explain your idea and why it is good for Phobies. Ideas that lack detail will be ignored and not gain a good reputation even if it has potential to being outstanding )

Is it possible? ( ask yourself if what you are suggesting is actually possible in Phobies and can be done )

Does it fit? ( does your idea actually fit in Phobies? )

Has it been suggested before? ( there are some things that have been suggested time and time again, it is better to look through suggestions first before making one just in-case someone already asked for it )

Don’t tag staff/CT ( if your suggestion is good we will notice, no need to tag us at any time )

When making a suggestion that you want to be added you have to put as much effort as you can into it, the more effort that gets put into it the more likely it will be added, especially if it is a good suggestion.