Sharing new phobie ideas

I created this topic so that all people with amazing ideas of phobies/designs could share in one same forum.
Keep in mind that drawing quality is not a problem to criticize and that this place is not a private discussion.
Thank you for those who share


Here’s one of my drawing

Name: Jimmy
Type: monster
Rarity: uncommon
Cost: 6 keys
Health: 1800
Damage: 550
Speed: 2
Range: 1
Hability: creat a 1000hp bouncing castle wall. This wall can be creat from a 2 tile range. When destroyed, this wall deals 500 damage to nearby enemies. Can be targeted by both team and takes 3 turn to recharge.


Bomangles reference fr

sounds good this phobie idea

I have globophobia (a fear of balloons) and would love to see a representative Phobie!
I imagine that with each turn, the balloon inflates a little larger, and at some point, it explodes and does damage to surrounding Phobies.
A few suggestions/possibilities for its Special, either:

  1. Immediately explodes when prompted instead of waiting several turns.
  2. Carries one nearby opponent and floats away, killing both instantly; does not work on flying/floating Phobies (eg Murder Wing, Gesundheit).
  3. (If the Phobie is a bunch of balloons) Splits up into three Phobies, dividing each’s HP and damage by three.
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Cool love the idea and of all the possible ideas of special power you made for him.

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here’s an other one:

Phobie: Gérascophobie
Name: Granny
Type: Monster
Rarity: ultra rare
Cost: 5 keys
Health: 1300
Damage: 400
Speed: 1
Range: 1
Hability: Creat a pie monster to an adjacent tile named Py. this hability takes 2 turns to recharge and there can be only 1 Py at a time.
Py would have the similar stats as Razor Mouth: upgradding Granny would also upgrade Py. Py does not count as an additional phobie on the field although you control it just like one. It doesn’t move on its first turn.

Phobie: Fly n’ die

Type: Dimensional

Based on: Globophobia

Quick description: This Phobie cannot directly attack. Will deal 1500 damage to surrounding enemies but only when attacked, this will kill the Phobie in the process. Or, after 10 turns of inflating, the Phobie will explode and do the same: deal 1500 surrounding damage and gets killed.

Special: The Phobie can carry off one enemy (but not floating/flying Phobies), killing both in the process.

Strategy with it: To be surrounded by as many enemies as possible before taking a hit.
Strategy against it: To have projectile Phobies attacking it from afar eg Jar Cannon.

Flaw of idea: If both players are left with a Fly n’ die each, they simply can’t attack each other. The game will have to be a draw from there.

Fun facts about it: I personally have this phobia, and I tried designing each of the balloons based on experience: “BOOM! Ha Ha Ha!” is usually the attitude/dialogue you encounter when someone finds out you have that phobia. The bunny Mylar balloon is designed to have a creepy blank smile, reflecting the kind of cartoon balloons that terrify kids. The smile balloon has an excessively long neck (being overinflated, one puff/squeeze away from popping), and that smile (being a very common design on balloons) can also be a means of taunting, “What’s so scary about the balloon? See, it’s smiling!”

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I love the way you recreated the card design, :clap:

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