[Announcement] You're Invited to Vendy's Birthday Party!

A cupful of laughter and a handful of fun, celebrate with us as we’re turning one!

It’s Vendy’s birthday party… and you’re invited!

Join us in commemorating this epic milestone with a bang on March 7, 2023!


What’s this event.
There’s no detail at all

My best guesses are that it is discounts on all deals or coffee packs or maybe even card packs, it could be higher drop rates in card packs or maybe its a free gift of coffee, tears and/or a card pack. It could even be a new update but those are all my guesses and we just have to wait until tomorrow.

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I’m confused. It happened two days ago, yes, but I play everyday and noticed no changes outside of a reinstall and a cardboard vendy. There were no announcements in game. Am I missing something?

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No you are not missing anything