BM reporting for Arena

Hi all, I’m a level 57, 450ish/650ish rank in async/arena. Being a huge fan of oldies like FFT and current MOBAs, I adore Phobies and the variety you have in the game.

Here’s my case for enabling a reporting mechanic for post-arena matches. Since the game rewards players for every bit of damage with exp, there’s basically a default incentive to not just win… but brutally dominate to squeeze out all the exp if you can. Unfortunately, I feel that frequently causes bad manners in arena games.

By enabling a reporting feature you accomplish a couple things. First if someone does have a match with someone repeat spamming/resetting a final attack, then being able to report them for being a childish dingus changes your post-match feelings from being tilted and not playing for a few days, to feeling at least a little justice and playing again sooner.

Second thing is usage statistics and overall player feedback loop. Not only should you be able to report bad manners, but also a good match, an uneven match, or maybe neutral feelings towards it. This gives devs another element of very simply, ‘how well are players satisfied with arena matchmaking’? Hopefully it also helps show, ‘how many arena games/frequency of games are happening that people are happy with’?

Please consider it. I love the game and the variety, but arena is the one aspect that actually makes me want to delete the game and throw my phone… Imma say about 40% of the time.

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