Boofairy needs a rework

it’s just not good at all. Sure, it has its moments, but Boofairy is just not worth the keys.
Take a look at its stats:

  • 6 Keys

  • 1700 Health

  • 600 Damage

  • 1 Attack Range

  • 2 Movement

Ability: Reduces the damage of an enemy unit by 600 (1 range, 2 turn effect duration)

Now the problem with Boofairy is that its attack and ability are just overkill; at the cost of 1 range and bad health (Even worse for it because it is a melee Phobie). This just leaves it as a suicide bomber who will just debuff someone and probably die, and for 6 keys that is pretty terrible. You’re pretty much just wasting 6 keys to not even kill the enemy, just to make it “useless” for 2 measly turns. The enemy can still capture panic points, and they can still use their ability (if they have one). They’ll just be weaker (or do 0 damage), and in two turns they become a threat again, and in those same two turns Boofairy is most likely a Deadfairy (assuming other enemies are around). Woolly Bully in comparison, is 5 keys, has 100 more health, and a 2 range debuff ability (-300 damage). Sure, it’s much weaker than Boofairy’s, but it will live much longer; making a bigger impact overall. Boofairy on the other hand, will most likely die after either attacking, or after using its ability.

So in summary: Boofairy is 6 keys, just to go debuff something and die, which is obviously horrendous. Its attack and ability may be monstrous, but it’s lack of long-term survivability cuts it short.

I suggest that Boofairy gets a rework, with more health, less attack damage and a weaker ability.
Something like this i suppose:

  • 1950 Health

  • 475 Damage

  • 1 Attack Range

  • 2 Movement

Ability: Reduces the damage of an enemy unit by 475 (Same range, same effect duration)

Also, keep in mind that i haven’t used Boofairy in the larger maps (Not really at all in general since he’s so bad…), so if i sound inexperienced i apologize. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to reply. This is just my personal opinion, and anyone is free to disagree and such.

UPDATE: Boofairy is actually fine. It exists to excel at a specific purpose (Weakening or even completely shutting down very strong phobies). Its arrangement of stats may hinder its capabilities in most situations, but when the moment arises, Boofairy can be good.

That’s good insight, I myself have not gotten Boofairy yet, but, streamers use him in combo with trap/pull Phobies who can lockdown an enemy or get them close enough for adjacent ranged characters to get the kill. Key cost might help if it went down, although, that may mean a nerf on his ability to even out stats.
Cheers :beers:

There’s always room for improvement, I think you should repost this in the main thread for phobie buffs & nerfs.

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you tecnicaly nerf Boofairy; he propouse is debuff strong phobies; others like wolly bully or Oppsy Baby have less debuff but have range of 2 or 3 to reduce the damage of a phobie a little; Bad Omen and Blondie have area o AoE deuff for various phobies are designed for crowd control; Boofairy have the highest debuff to control certain enemies specialy the powerfull ones like Hematic Ginsting or Cerberus; he tecnicaly is needes to disable phobies in general no like the others that normaly are to control or defend.
Boofairy is fine in general but for 6 keys exist better options; and not to mention Brony, he literaly disable damage of friends and enemies; is the best debuffer but he is designed for other playstyle.

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I see your point; he does have a unique purpose as a debuff phobie. But i still feel like 600 damage reduction is way too much, that’s 200 damage over-reduced on Hematic Ginsting’s attack and 100 on his ability. I don’t think it needs to be so high; 475 is still a lot of damage reduction. Although, he would become less threatening to phobies like Smother Mother; i still think it’s worth living longer.

Oh, i’ve never thought of using him that way, i don’t have any pull or trap phobies yet though. Lowering his cost may help, but his health would probably get even worse. Thanks for the reply!

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To be honest, boofairy’s okay. It has decent Hp, paired with high attack. Its ability can severely weaken foes.
IMO, Boofairy really shines in the endgame of small maps. Paired with some phobies, it can leave enemies, even ones like fishtank, extremely vulnerable.
Overally, Boofairy might be lacking in some aspects, but you just need to know when to use it.


Good point, i guess Boofairy still has a purpose and a place to excel in, even if most of the time there will be better options. I’ll try using it more from now on. Thanks for sharing your perspective!

Okay, i actually got to use him. He performed quite well against my opponent’s Fishtank. I see your point; Boofairy is okay as it is. It has its niche, and it’s darn good at it. Although it may be the last pick in most situations.


Nice to hear you’re getting the hang of boofairy.