Boom glitch

I wasn’t able to detonate boom when it was my 5th phobie on the field (5 were the maximum amount of phobies allowed in that map)

Hey there! Sorry to hear that you were experiencing trouble.
Do you recall how long into the match you brought in boom?

With some phobies, they need to be present in a match for a certain amount of turns before they can use their ability. :slight_smile:

I summoned it in that same exact turn. Thank you for clarrifying. I actually didn’t see that 1.
Have a great day :blush:

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It is no worries at all! Glad to have been of help!

I’ll go and close this thread for now but if you have any other questions please create a new thread and I’ll be more than happy to help there.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

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