Infinite action bug

When I killed that new mechanical phobie that has reach 3 and sends others back with the last action of my baba yaga it got infinite actions, i tested and they all worked (obviously didn’t finish the game with them, would be unfair), I don’t have a screenshot because the game bugged and I couldn’t replicate, also, It wasn’t really infinite, but was enough to finish a game, It appeared as 42 something something trillion, but then turned into 256 when I acted again in some cases, but others the big number did nota change, was really inconsistent, It was in that big map with with the hands, fire and chains in the background, adjacent to the enemy heart, to the upright, baba yaga was close to the damage booster and they other nota, was close to the heart and baba yaga.

Hello @Tyranniaa we’ll take a look at this issue with you in a few. Please watch out for further replies from the support specialist team.

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We’ve been receiving some reports about this but we’re not able to replicate. Can you please tell us exactly what you did before you experienced this bug so we can reproduce. Were you also able to repeat the process?

I closed and re-opened the game and then I couldn’t replicate, I closed because the game wouldn’t be sent after It happened, I guess the problem must be some code because It is a really specific big number, but It might be something Else, because the game was already kinda buggy, in the showing of what my enemy did my phobies who fell in a pit appeared again for a frame after dying, and that also didn’t happen later, so It might be something bigger.

Hey Tyranniaa,

Thank you for the update. If this does happen again, would you be able to provide us with a clip from the match so we can investigate this further?

We will be happy to collect more information from you via email at

If It happens again I Will provide

Perfect, thank you so much! I’ll keep an eye on the thread for any updates. :slight_smile:

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I think the bug is with the specific tile directly behind the enemy heart in Xylo, because before It was the infinite actions bug, now I killed a phobie there and It Just dissapeared, no animations, there must be something different with that tile in the codes.

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