Bug on Challenge

Might want to add a sentence on what the bug is. My guess is that it shows a starmaster picture in the select screen but he’s not in that level?

Yes, you are correct. That’s why it’s hard to beat this challenge

Hi Fishtank! Ideally when reporting bugs it would be helpful if you provide more details so it will be easier for our team to detect the issue or reproduce the bug, like what exactly is happening or what is the bug? When is the bug or error occurring? How often is it occurring? Is it occurring every time you’re playing that challenge level? What device are you using? What’s your OS and OS version?

The level is beatable without Staremaster but might be good to update it so his picture is not in the menu so there is no confusion.

So just to be as clear as day staremasters portrait should be removed as he is not a playable Phobie in this challenge:

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Thank you for reporting! I will escalate this issue to our QA team to look into and fix. :slight_smile: