Can't login!

Help i can’t login its just stuck on the loading screen for a while before saying : failed to connect to server. This just happen today and i already tried everything still stuck even tho my signal is just fine with other games but phobies doesn’t want to load.

Device : redmi 9.
Opperating system : Android 10 QP1A.
Screenshots : again can’t load the game.

I have this issue as well,the game won’t connect if I use wifi

Thanks for the reply so should i just use mobile data?

yea sometimes it solved by switching to data or use vpn, after that you can connect with wifi normally

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Thanks you for that maybe later i will try and use a vpn but for now im focusing grinding in other games. And also what will it work.

Edit : Hey thanks i tried it and it worked! Nowi can play phobies again.

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