Can't use Heavo 2.0 ability

Username: Nolgh
Platform: Android

Bug Description:

When trying to use Heavo 2.0 ability “Excessive Force!”, The button for the ability in the lower bar doesn’t work. The target tile won’t switch from red to purple, as it usually does when using abilities.

This problem occurred on the “Billy’s Room” map. Weirdly enough, I think the problem is actually on the map. I tested it in a custom game to the same result.

I tried restarting the game, the phone but had no effect.

Besides that I never encountered a single problem with this great game!

You can’t use his ability the first turn.

the ability is locked for the first few turns.

Right there on the skill button a small padlock with a number appears indicating that you cannot use it yet.

I see… Didn’t know that this ability especially couldn’t be used. Is it written somewhere I didn’t see. I couldn’t see that there was a padlock either… Too small.

Anyways. Thank you