Challenge level 21 bugged or did i miss something

the monkey buff doesnt work on the first turn and mathmaticly thats the only solution i can find

It’s because there is Finnigan blocking the effect. The ability is a line of sight type ability, it can’t go past enemy units. You need to get rid of Finnigan first.

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yeah i did that but when i went back just now it worked so im not sure what happened

Hey GypsyNails.
Just reaching out that you were able to successfully complete the challenge?

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But then it should be usable.
Check out this video, it will show everything:

put an h where the * is

yes i went back an hour later an it worked fine, im using an old ifone7 with memory problems, im wondering if it just froze up somehow or who knows, other games seem to lag out if i play too long or if it plays too many ads so its prob on my end

Happy to hear that it works as intended but if you notice any other trouble with challenges and such, please don’t hesitate to create another thread!

I’ll go ahead and close this one for now as it has been resolved.

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