Contest submission

Collect the 2 remaining panic points and finish erratic this turn.

Phobies: attractor, finnigan, blinky, primal, awol.

It should be set so that finnigan steps onto a panic point and pushes erratic off followed by awol stepping onto the last panic point. Blinky and primal will be your damage dealers if you use attractor to pull erratic after he’s pushed off the panic point. It should line up so that primal double taps and blinky deals the final blow so that the lava can finish erratic off.
(If you decided to use the stim pad in center instead to boost primals lunge that would be a good idea.)

Preference map would be Pluto

IGN: staygold

Hello! You should post your entry here:

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get two dimensional type phobies to die at the same time

@Staygold4852 and @Antares don’t post your contest entry here… post them in this one

Closing this forum thread now.

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