[Event] Phobies Challenge... Accepted! (Make a Challenge! contest)

So, you think you can create a “Challenge” in the Phobies game? Well, we challenge you to make one!

And by challenges, we mean the Challenges you do in the game like these ones.


  1. Create your own Challenge for the game… make it fun for everyone!
  2. Post your Phobies Challenge idea in this forum thread - be descriptive as possible… include details, drawings, etc. up to you, just as long as it will give us an idea of exactly how the challenge works
  3. Include your In-Game Name

Maximum 2 entries per forum account and game account.

Criteria for judging:

30% Feasibility - the possibility of the challenge to work in the game
25% Fun Factor
25% Creativity
20% Originality


20,000 Coffee Beans + a chance for your Challenge to be included in the game – 5 Grand Prize winners

**Last Date for Submission: July 25, 2022 at 9:00 PST

**Announcement of Winners: July 29, 2022


Objective: kill all enemy Phobie!

Our Phobie: Attractor, Boom, Kerbloom, Kaboom.

In discord channel, miss CM NekoRei said that make a Challange that feel fun for Everyone. So i decide to make this Challange easy to do and feel fun watching the Explosion effect from our Trio suicide land mines. Give them some love too because rarely see them used in game. Featuring our new Alien Phobie too! Attractor.
Sorry for the bad edit in the picture😅


  1. put Boom or Kaboom on the Stim Pad to body block, so when Attractor pulling enemy phobie the stim pad didnt get blocked.
  2. Pull enemy phobie with Attractor, Alley Gator and Doughzer will be on Lava tiles to receive extra damage.
  3. Start to exploding the trio land mines on the Stim Pad for extra damage!
  4. And remember to use Kerbloom last, because the ability have Push effect.



edit, I know what kind of challenges they are talking about XD
1.- kill greylien and bluelien
2.- Map: opticon
your cards: Creep, paddles, bad sushi and beauty
3.- my ign is: fabum

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And by challenges, we mean the Challenges you do in the game like these ones:


Kill honey bear and fetch this turn
Map zylo
Your cards zappy,gonzo bonzo,grimesl’Repeller, and attract
Oppents are batula,honey bear,fetch stabby
My ign is thepugking4

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I updated the Mechanics, in case it isn’t clear… add details, description, images… be creative… give us a picture of how the challenge is going to be :slight_smile:

  1. Extermination Ray
  2. Kill half of the phobies with Puff and half with Blast-o-Matic
    The challenge would consist in 5 enemy phobies, 2 of them put out of the said “laser line”, and the units be: Blast-o-Matic, Puff, Miss Moffat, Finnigan, and gonzo bonzo. the idea is to pull an enemy phobie between 2 others, who woud come close to a stim pad o which either Blast-o-Matic or puff would be resting on, being able thus to attack with the laser. Same thing with the other enemy phobie, but peing pushed by finnigan into line. The basics of this challenge should be to form a “V” shape out of enemy phobies, then have 2 lasers attack them, with the stim pad and gonzo bonzo buffs provided
  3. IGN: Mashu
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Challenge name “lippy “
Goal kill lippy a card exclusive
To this match with a health of 6000
Attack of 3450 and a beam attack
Attack animation is lippy screaming
Type dimensional
Reward “ terrifying pack”
Looks just lippy
Movement is 2
Map is the big house and the game is a normal match but with only lippy as your opponents card using a ai to choose what it
IGN thepugking4


Challenge #69: Disable (Destroy?) all enemy traps (this turn?) without receiving any damage
Phobies: Tickles, Doom Doom, Grave Digger and a trap phobie (Baba Yaga, Uni Corn or any)
Solution idea: In the beggining of the round, Doom Doom shows all the traps (4 in total). So to win you put tickles and doom doom on two traps, the third can be destroyed by using Grave Digger’s ability and same with the trap phobie for the fourth trap.
IGN: Gomax

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Challenge #60
Keep tickles alive this turn
The units are greyalien, heartbreaker, tickles, and heartbreaker
Prefferrably on a big map with grave digger or crushmore obstacles to make the challenge more challenging
The solution would be something where youd have to tp tickles with heartbreaker into the range of greyalien, tp tickles to bluealien then make a healing spa
Ign: Valfas

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IGN - gamer24x7

Challenge - Kill Hemantic Ginsting and Heavo 2.0 this turn (the placement of phobies are as seen in the screenshot)

The play is as follows:

  1. Place Quagmire inbetween Spud and Hemantic Ginsting
  2. Place Rambolina on panic point next to Hemantic Ginsting
  3. Use Rambolina ability on Hemantic Ginsting, this will push Hemantic Ginsting into the abyss. Heavo 2.0 is pushed in range of my Ginsting.
  4. Use 2 hits from Ginsting onto Heavo 2.0
  5. Place Slammer Head inbetween the obstacle and Heavo 2.0
  6. Use Slammer Head ability onto Heavo 2.0. This will push Heavo 2.0 onto panic point
  7. Use Snowball ability on Heavo 2.0 for the kill

If this scenario is not helping it to kill Heavo 2.0 at level 1 like in challenges, then we can add some other units like Jar Cannon/Ray Chargles next to Ginsting for that extra damge for the kill.

To make this more fun instead of having Ginsting as seen in the screenshot, we can move the Ginsting inbetween heart and abyss tile, so that way Slammer Head will push the Heavo 2.0 onto panic point and Ginsting can get 2 hits in across the abyss tile for a nice chain push Heavo 2.0 for a sweet kill.

This was a really fun and great move during my game on phobos :grinning:

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Challenge name- “ Fire vs ice “
Challenge- kill enemies phobies with fire
Map- Pluto
Your phobies- Boss 1 turn freeze , fire ant , puff , snowball , and Barzilla
Enemy phobies-Rocketman, yeti , and Jeeves

The play as follows-

  1. Puff will move 2 spaces to the right and use his special to hit all 3 of them.

  2. Barzilla will attack yeti and rocket man once

  3. Fire any will attack yeti and rocket man once

  4. Snowball will use special to burn last of ice on boss and then normal attack Jeeves

5.Boss- he will normal attack Jeeves and then use special on rocket man.

  1. End turn and kill all 3 with bosses fire underneath them

IGN- DeadlyLily7

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From side to side

Objective: Eliminate Doughzer

1.- Move Finnigan towards Doughzer and push him
2.- Crush Eternal Night with Mount Crushmore, being dragged by the dimensional effect breaks the wall in front of him.
3. Move Grave Digger to the side of Miss Moffat and break the wall in front of him.
4. Move Miss Moffat towards Doughzer and pull him towards you with the web.
5. Lastly, move Smother Mother near the abyss and pull Doughzer into the abyss.
(Smother Mother is up, close enough to get close to the abyss).

If needed, Smother Mother can be swapped out for Octo Nauthy. :eyes::ok_hand:t3:

IGN - Albertox92

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CHAllenge: All of your Phobies must survive this turn.
IGN: cha

All of your Phobies got poisoned by 300 damage. You must survive this turn without any of your Phobies dying.


Health Points = Given in the Picture
Attack Damage = Base Stats
Poison Damage = 300HP
Lava Damage = 200HP

Edit: Solution Hidden


This is a very smart one good luck


well here is my idea for an challenge

Five fhobies, pasguetti, cassowary and terrordactyl, Heavo and baba Yaga

against only twos phobies

alley gator and doughzer

But the heart would only be at 1598 health, the goal would be to break his heart with only two panic tiles on the room of baby map

the reward could be 300 tears, 500 stress or 90 coffee

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Challenge- Kill doughzer this turn

Ally phobies- Attractor, paddles, octo naughty, greylien, and miss mofat.

Enemy phobies- doughzer and boomer

Step 1- move octo naughty to panic point and pull doughzer

Step 2- move miss mofat to left center panic point and pull doughzer (bouncing off of boomer)

Step 3- move greylien two spaces up and use old switcher you to switch with doughzer.

Step 4- move paddles in range of attractor and activate its special ability.

Step 5- with attractor’s increased movement move attractor 2 spaces down and pull doughzer into the abyss!

I went for a simple but fun and gimmicky challenge that gives the player a satisfying finish while teaching them about pulling directions and how important placing at the end of your own turn can be!

IGN: Marsh712

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Objective: Kill all Phobies in this turn
Our Phobies: Paddles, missmoffat, octo naughty, finnigan, greylien, rambolina, slammer head
Opponent’s Phobies: Bluelien, Doughzer, Barzilla
This challenge will help players will help players get used to pull and push phobies


  1. move slammer head next to rambolina’s left
  2. move octo naughty next to greylien’s left and use skill to pull bluelien next to octo naughty
  3. use slammer head skill to push bluelien next to abyss
  4. move miss moffat to near abyss and use its skill to pull bluelien to the abyss
  5. move finnigan next to doughzer’s left and push doughzer to the panic point
  6. move paddles next to greylien and use skill on greylien
  7. move greylien next to abyss and use its skill to teleport barzilla
  8. move rambolina next to doughzer and barzilla and use skill on barzilla to push them to abyss



Kill Boss with chuck.

YOUR Phobies: Heart breaker, Gonzo bonzo, Miss moffat, Slammer head, Chuck, Spud

Enemy phobies: Boss, Batula, Awol

All Phobies are level 1

1st will be Slammer head will push boss to another tile

after that miss moffat will move to the power tile then pull boss

and heart breaker will kill Batula. heart breaker will be pulled by Batula after dying and

Heartbreaker will teleport boss to the designated tile.

Move Spud 2 tiles and deal damage to Boss

Gonzo bonzo will kill Awol and buff chuck damage

Chuck will move to the power tile and gain overall damage around 1090 and land the finishing blow to boss

Over all damage to Boss: 2360
Boss health: 2120

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