Creator Affiliate Program 2023 Q3 Application

Greetings Phobies Wranglers!

Smoking Gun Interactive Inc. is actively looking for creative and active Content Creators who are interested to join our Phobies Creator Affiliate Program. This quarter’s application is open from June 21 to July 19, 2023 only.

It is the program’s objective to support and assist content creators who want to consistently publish Phobies content.

So, whether you’re just starting to create content or have huge followings you’re welcome to join! The important thing is that you create quality and entertaining content and you’re an active community member!


You must be a passionate and professional content creator who actively engages with the community.

You have active and engaging social media platform/s with at least 50% Phobies related content.

You’re an active community member with a positive attitude and don’t feed on toxicity.

You have Phobies game account or accounts with good standing.

Your content must be compliant with the platform’s (Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Your content must not violate Smoking Gun Interactive’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

You must be capable of accepting the Content Creator Affiliate Agreement and must comply with the Community Guidelines.


  • Exclusive Phobies swag
  • Giveaway in-game currency for your community events and/or contests
  • Content Creator role in our official Discord Server and will have access to the Content Creator channel in order to communicate directly with the SGI Team
  • Monthly Coffee Beans compensation (depending on how active you are)
  • Chance to be featured on our Social Media platforms
  • Creator asset pack
  • Support for content projects
  • Early access to select upcoming releases including high-resolution images


How can I become a part of the Phobies Creator Affiliate Program?

Simply sign-up by filling out the application form. The SGI Community Team will review your application and check out your content. We’ll reach back to you via email if you qualify.

How long will it take to hear back from the Community Team regarding my application?

It could take some time for the team to review your application, therefore if you qualify our team will contact you within 14 working days from the day you sent your application.

How can my content be featured on the official Phobie social media platforms?

Share the link to your content with our SGI Community Team. The content that will be featured is up to the Community Team’s discretion.

How can I become eligible for the giveaway in-game currency?

You must submit your event or contest plan to our Senior Community Manager, NekoRei, and discuss how you plan to use the giveaway in-game currency. You can reach her on Discord DM.

WANT TO JOIN? APPLY HERE. Application for this quarter is open until July 19, 2023 only!