Differences in prices

Hi there, can I get a reply from someone who knows? I was getting the third horror pack for my gf and I realized the prices on her phone are different from mine. What gives? Does this have to do with levels? Different platforms(iphone vs Android)? Or is this just a bug, as this seems kinda unfair. I will be uploading screenshots soon when I can.

Screenshots will definitely help! I’ll see if I can gather some clarity from our team.

Here are her prices

She pays 3.98 for the boost whereas mine are 4.48. Her dreadful bunch bundle is 39.98 vs 44.98 for mine. This is the biggest difference! The bottom ss is mine

Hi any updates? Still waiting on a reply for this. Thanks

Hey there!

We had our weekend so our response was delayed.

Which devices do you both play on? I’ll be following up with the team for this.
I don’t want to be incorrect, but it could definitely vary by platform/device, though. I’ll gather an answer as soon as I hear about the devices. :slight_smile:

The devices are also within the same country?

Hi thank you for replying, mine is on an oppo android platform and hers is an I-phone 14 promax. Yes same country and same currency. Thanks

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Hey there!

Thank you for your patience. I was able to bring this up with one of my colleagues and they mentioned that the platform pricings may be different for a variety of reasons.

You may notice some slight differences between the two.

Hi chu, what are the reasons? If I may ask.

Unfortunately I am unable to break it down in detailed specifics but it would have to do with the currencies that are used on both iOS and Android platforms respectively. :slight_smile:

It’s a bit more complicated and I unfortunately don’t possess in-depth knowledge regarding it but it all comes down to those platforms and how they handle purchases/currencies. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks a bunch chu! :slight_smile:

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