Better Deals

Hello! I love this game! Please forgive my complaint.

I don’t think the deals in the store are very good.

My current offer is “A Horrific Week,” which is $9.99US for a Horrific Pack, Daily Double, +50% xp.

I already pay for the subscription. So two of those are useless.

And the horrific pack is already 800 coffee, which is normally $9.99US already.

This deal is not a deal at all.

Separately, just seems like suuuuch a grind. Opening a pack and not getting a new phobie is THE WORST.

I could easily see people swearing off spending money when that happens. I’d really like to see a re-work.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the fun game.
Have a great year!


Yep, the game really has to reformat it’s resource system.

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This is very true. I have many complaints about the heavy grind and P2W aspect of this game, but I am aware that smoking gun must make money somehow, and I know others have voiced my same opinion before.
I would suggest a deal such as $5.99 for a guaranteed rare phobie as well as a 300 coffee pack. I’m certain people would pay for that, and it helps with the issue of difficulty of obtaining new phobies. Thanks for listening!