Do upgraded phobies apply to the ones already in a match?

When upgrading phobies in the main menu, does the upgraded stats get added to the ones currently in a match?

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Nope, Those phobies will continue with the previous level and with their previous stats in that match.

Thanks, but are you sure?

I tested it before answering you to be sure :laughing:

Okay, thank you for doing that

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Hi bro, dont know if this helps you but in a current match if you upgrade a phobie that isnt deployed, will spawn with the new level.

No, but for good reasons. It would be unfair to have your or your enemies’ phobies in the battlefield somehow get buffed up all of a sudden.

You will however be able to summon the new phobies that you got. Say you bought a Spud, and you didn’t have a spud before in your last game. Now, once you hop back in that last game, you can spawn it.

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