Phobie Level Balancing Idea (fun!)

I have many ideas for a rework of phobie levels. As it stands now, it takes a large sum of xp to level a phobie, and their stats increase marginally. So, currently, P2W players have a serious advantage over other players. This is not ok. I have ideas not only to fix cost problems and P2W problems but also give the game a fun, neat mechanic. Let’s get into it!

(Disclaimer or something: I’m not making this because I hate Phobies, I’m making this because I love Phobies and want it to succeed.)

Upgrading Phobies Cost Problem

XP cost increases almost exponentially. From 1000 to 1800 to 3400 and much further (if I remember correctly), it can become quite difficult to upgrade any single phobie. Over 10,000 xp to upgrade a phobie is preposterous with a 3% buff only. This is a problem and creates a tedius, hated grind (especially with XP caps).

Upgrading Phobies Cost Solution

XP increases only by 500 per upgrade. You may think this is too cheap, so to counter it XP gain is decreased by 20%. It’s still cheap, but this is good, because then everyone is welcome to get high level phobies, not just hopeloy. And others of course.
To lvl 2: 1,000
To lvl 3: 1,500
To lvl 4: 2,000

Phobies Level Disbalance Problem

As it stands, there will always be someone with higher level phobies than you, always someone with the unfair advantage. This makes it so P2W players will almost always have an advantage. This is a problem and creates distaste for the game due to dislike of unequality.

Phobies Level Disbalance Solution

It’s quite simple: max phobie levels. Max level 20 for every phobie. I believe this is great; because people who invest time and effort into the game have a goal to reach and can improve themselves and their phobies. It is even more friendly to everyone, so that the advantage goes not only to P2W but anyone who works hard enough to get to lvl 20.

Fun Idea I'd Like To Add (not as important)

When any phobie reaches lvl 10, they will get a special game-changing upgrade. The cost to reach lvl 10 will be, instead of 5,000 XP like I suggested earlier, 10,000 XP and 1,000 tears. I know this is expensive, just you wait. This upgrade will not buff damage or HP: Instead, it will greatly (and I mean greatly) buff a phobie to make it better. It would give them two choices to pick before spawning the phobie in game. These choices would be specific to each phobie and different per phobie. This would be amazing and give players a goal to get their phobies to level 10.

Droney: Choice 1: +1 move speed, cannot attack.
Choice 2: Pulls in enemy and does damage when killed (like dimensional), but does not take poison damage. -150 HP.

Fetch: Choice 1: Becomes mechanical, +300 HP.
Choice 2: Push attack pushes enemy two tiles instead of one; however, delay (cooldown) is increased by one and damage (of push attack) is decreased by 200.

These upgrades would obviously be very big and important, and you don’t have to add them. I think this is just a fun idea rather than a suggestion. When a phobie reaches lvl 20, it would also have a star above its health bar and get 20% bonus HP and damage. It cannot go any higher.


If you’re a developer, you may be wondering, “How, then, will we make money if we can’t do daily doubles?” And I have the answer. Instead of daily doubles, you could have the subscription be x3 coffee per game finished. That would be very loved, I’m certain, and would not give P2W players an unfair advantage. You could also allow a person to pay $.99 to rent five phobies (as in, be able to play them at lvl 1) for a week. Also, you could have a person pay $5.99 to unlock a guaranteed rare and uncommon phobie, as well as upgrade cards for them. If this isn’t possible, that’s ok, it’s just the XP and tear caps as well as “daily double” discourages players and is not fun.

Thank you to anyone who read this all. If you agree, join in with an upvote or reply. If you disagree, tell me why so I can edit/fix this to be more balanced. I really love Phobies and I truly hope this community flourishes.

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Nice post man, I appreciate the effort.

Here are some things that I would like to add (under my personal criteria, of course).

  • Your XP rewards should increase as you progress in the leagues.
  • You should be attempted to be matched with players with a similar average level to yours (if possible)
  • Hopeloy should play with a handicap of never having access to their MVP’s
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