Dreadful pack opening: worst drop that could happen

Possibly the worst drop I could ever get and I’m not saying that brony bad, etc., but I wanted him least of all, Flashwalker is simply so-so, and only Fetch somehow brightened up this drop

P.s: I will learn to play through bronies :_)

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I’m in such a disbelief that I don’t know how to say that I disagree with you

it’s just not what I wanted

Atleast its the unicorn and not the drone or the tree man who’s purpose is as waste of keys


If you dont want brony ill have it, he is amazing, borderline overpowered to be honest.

Bad news! Another one to add on “mylittleonlyoneminipony” list :sob:

I won’t keep an eye on you because I hope to never meet you!

I will use it because the very fact that I can simply turn all enemies into punching bags with the help of a rainbow horse makes me smile and plus a completely different game tactic

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His ability to turn the entire enemy team into punching bags is really powerful, and with fast enough units or gravedigger you can just dodge the downside of brony entirely. With a bit of practice he becomes insanely strong.

I’ve used him in one game so far, and not very successfully (only red gist and temptress), but his retreat helped me get close to the heart and win

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somrtimes peopel get nothing out dreadfull packs. I think that you are lucky with 3 new phobies

Thats honestly the idea. His threat of turning the entire enemy team into walls makes him a great setup for heartrushes as he can slowly back the enemy into a corner debuff them and run for the heart.

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well, the first one is guaranteed to give at least one ultra rare, but on the other hand, I thought a little about the drop and will say that it is not so bad, since I like to play aggressively, Brony, Flashwalker and Fetch I needed

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Well, you can use Brony to:
deprive the enemy of control of the map
make slow phobias an easy target
or secure passage to the heart

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Exactly. Hes got a lot of strong uses, youve just gotta make sure hes set up well. The key is finding ways to make your teammates dodge his debuff.

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Osea te toco ese y aún así te quejas? Ami me salió Kaboom en mi primer sobre

after a while I realized that I actually have a very good drop

Kaboom is not that great (for a UR btw) it just needs alot of carry like akira or attractor for your first UR i feel bad ror you its not that great for its rarity.