Which is the most useless phobie?

I know that all the phobies have a lot of work and effort from the SGI team.
But let’s be real. Which is the most useless Phobie in your opinion?

This phobie you won’t spend your keys on because it’s technically useless in a fight.

I’ll start :


No Attack… only Poison with outrageous Mpvement! :zipper_mouth_face:


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Dead if the lightest thing in the universe steps on him.



Awol is slightly less useless to me electricat is literally useless if your opponent doesnt play and use a low cost mecha phobie and they would have to had made the mistake of letting it die for no good reason.


There are no useless phobies. Only situational.


All Phobies are useful if played correctly, some phobies work for panic point control, others for bursting out enemy phobies, other for poking at distance, phobies for stalling, etc.

But if we have to say a totally useless Phobie, in my eyes, i belive that the Rabbit trio fulfill that statement, as they depend of Jackalope King on almost an obligatory way.
Individually. they just work for panic control and then die right after, for the amount of 2 keys, each.

I thought there was no need to clarify something like that.

None is useless if you know how to use it.
It’s just a matter of opinions.

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Not useless but a lot of phobies have a performance worst than other phobies, i thought nobody prefers start a match with bad sushi instead bomangles or murder wing

i agree that some maps and conditions could make a phobie better or worst in certain situations, but its not a lie to say that some phobies need adjustments to be more played.

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Where do you guys find these Phobies card pictures?

You can find them in the WIKI of the game and you only have to download the image.

i cant find it, can you give me a link?

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Oh, found it no need for a link but thanks anyways!

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At least he can fight compared to muffin

Man, eternal knight is cheap and deals kinda good damage compared to what he costs


Yep, and the “after death” effect is also quite valuable, I think many people underestimate that.

Muffintop is really good paired with Stabby. As soon as you poison stabby or bring him to low health, use muffintop. Then you get to benefit from Stabby’s counter much longer


I’m sorry giant eyeball🥺 Of all of my phobies It’s the less I use (new player here)
I always use jar cannon or murderwing

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My win rate has gone down significantly since getting him and trying to make him work. Can anybody enlighten me?

He is fairly expensive at 5, and has an ability that is very clunky to use. Trap only triggers end of turn if somebody is standing on it, which on paper seems ok (All you have to do is place traps on stress points or choke points!) but in practice is difficult to use. You often will have to chose between laying a trap and hoping that it triggers, or making an attack for guaranteed damage.

I agree. I was excited when i opened this phobie but he generally seems quite useless. To put a trap in a good spot you have to overextend, and he doesn’t have the hp for that.