Easiest 209 coffee of my life

If youre going to do an offer on the offer wall, then easily paint 50 simple pictures in this painting game and 209 coffee is yours (multiple rewards based), I also BARELY got the last 300 coffee on the event with like 3 hours left and now im almost halfway through my dread fest on the dreadful pack, im getting mildly excited because i reduced the amount of time from 6 weeks to only like 3 weeks

Good luck with the Dreadful when you get there - Hopefully you get an exciting UR! :slight_smile:

For me other good coffee offers have been Match Masters (pretty easy), Ant Kingdom (takes some time, but very easy too) and Mech Arena (requires a lot of time, but give a ton of coffee if you do it right) :wink:

Where did you find the match masters and ant kingdom ones

Just in the normal offer wall, it’s different depending on where you are in the world though so you may not have the same ones as me (also know some people apparently got one for stuff like AFK Arena which should also be pretty decent).