I have no ultrarare another than jar canon

I know i am impatient on opening dreadfull for ultrarare but every second of my opponent brought an another ultra rare another than jar canon . I am playing this game continously like for 4 to 5 months i am on stress level 38 on league doomsday 2 i know it is not much .but There shoud be some algorithm that like if anyone’s reaches an appropriate level of gameplay at least one time he/she get an another ultra rare another than jar canon

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My suggestion is to use the offerwall by going into ‘free coffee’ there is many free options to earn coffee by doing various things and you can easily rack up 2000 coffee in one day! Also if you didn’t know the first 2000 coffee pack you get you are guaranteed to get at least one ultra rare. My brother and I got two ultra rares on our first 2000 pack. Good hunting and good luck!