El enemigo ya había perdido y activó este error

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Hey DanTopher!

Has this happened more than once or just this one time?

This is the only one

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Sometimes the clients and server become desynchronized and disagree about the outcome of a move. When this happens we stop the game. We’re constantly working to improve arena mode and fix desync bugs!

  • This was a message from one of our team members regarding desyncing. They are looking to improve it. If you do notice frequent desyncing, please update us! As for right now, they’re working on resolving this issue. :slight_smile:

Justo lo mismo me pasó ya había perdido el enemigo y de repente apareció el error y de seguro me lo contará la partida como derrota :rage:

Okay, thank you very much

No me aparece el registro de batalla, no sé si fue victoria o derrota :c

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I do apologize for the inconvenience. It is an issue our team is definitely looking into. :frowning: