End turn timer too pesky

When I’m playing arena and on my first turn i take maybe 5-10 seconds to decide what phobie i should send out first, the end turn button starts ringing even though i have tons of time left. It continues to ring till the end of my turn.

Furthermore, if my internet is not perfect, the game randomly says “you’re disconnected” even though I’m still playing fine and the end turn timer starts ringing over and over even at the start of my turn and it tends to carry over to start ringing in my next turn too.

It’s really distracting when I’m trying to think.

Hey Inky.

We appreciate the feedback!
What kinds of suggestions would you make that could help remedy this experience for you?

My opinion: If the timer isn’t running out yet, and if I have interacted with the game this turn in any way, even just looking around the map, turn the ringing off and/or don’t turn it on. I’m not afk in that case after all and don’t need reminded.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the game! We love knowing what the community thinks as we value our players’ feedback!

I have included your insights in my monthly Feedback report! :slight_smile: